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Our house was built by DGR the first half of 2013. We consider ourselves lucky to have found the DGR team and love our new home. The experience of working with Dom, who is very professional, was pleasant and we appreciate the fact that he wasn’t a pushy sales man nor was he dismissive of our wants/needs. He listened and was available to us throughout the process. He was willing to negotiate with us which was also a plus.

The gem of the company is Michael Roland (Project Manager). I’m a huge fan of Mike’s professionalism, work ethic, and overall attentiveness. He always responds to calls/texts/emails in a timely manner and I knew things were going to get done if Mike was involved. Building a house is a stressful process and we were by no means easy customers, but despite all the demands we somehow got our house within 5 months of signing papers with DGR.

One thing we’d ask for them to improve would be the time it takes to fix the blue taped items found at the walk through. Otherwise we’d happily recommend DGR to others. The service and quality of work is great!

Steve Palmer

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